3 Website Elements that Catch Attention

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The moment someone visits your site, it will only take about two to five seconds for them to decide whether they wish to stay on or not. Your web content will be the deciding factor for them to stay on for more than two minutes. It is the aesthetic appeal of your site that matters most during these first two to five seconds. If the look and feel of your website does not catch your visitor’s attention, they will click away from your site and forget that they has ever been there.

To ensure that you get the attention of your site visitors the moment they land on any of your site pages, you need to have the proper website elements on it that are guaranteed to catch some attention. Below are three of the most important ones you should consider:

1. Website Colours

You need to take your target market into consideration when choosing the right colours for your website. Use colours that will engage their emotions and their needs in buying from you. Make sure that these colours are reflective of your personality and your brand as this will make your website more memorable.

Less is more when it comes to colours. It is often best if you opt for a two-toned site this is often determined by your brand identity or your logo. The colours you use in your website should also be used throughout all your marketing materials to create consistency with your branding.

2. Website Typography

This plays a huge role in your website’s legibility. Consider the font size and colours and how they may appear on a range of devices including mobile phones and old, poor quality PC’s. People have learned, blue underlined text is generally a link. It’s often a good idea to stick with this formula to make it as simple as possible to interact with your website.

3. Website Imagery

An image is another element that could help capture attention to your website. Be careful that your website doesn’t look too generic to your site visitors by using too many stock photos. It is best if you use images that are relevant and specific for your business.

Happy faces of real people accompanying truthful testimonials are more effective than the polished look of stock images. They humanise your website more, thus making it more welcoming. You should also consider photography of your team.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.


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