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Right Brain Marketing

I had an interesting call from a potential client (or spy) yesterday. They had prepared a number of questions that we ran through on the spot when they called. While they didn’t want to say exactly who they were, they told me they were a high-end business coaching company. I was intrigued with the approach […]


The New SEO – Website Eye Candy

One of the most effective ways to increase your traffic and improve your conversion rates is to make your website more attractive. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter. They know if visitors are not spending much time on your website and that plays a part in how well they rank you in the search […]


The Science Behind Website Design

Analytical Thinking + Artistic Interpretation = True Creativity Good website design is not just about the visual look and feel. It’s about the complete website experience. It involves creative expression but also an understanding of how people interact with websites. Good website designers help clients communicate their message in a clear and meaningful way. The graphics used […]

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Did Blogging Kill the PR Star?

I don’t want to play the semantics game however there are many ways people define public relations or PR. My definition of public relations is a strategic effort to influence public perception. If you define PR this way then no, PR is not dead. If you think of old school PR agencies where people try […]


Human Behaviour and Graphic Design

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to be more successful with their marketing than others? No matter what business you are in, it’s likely there are millions of messages all competing for the attention of your target markets, yet only some messages produce the results companies set out to achieve. No matter what […]


Social Validation and Marketing

The bystander effect refers to how people react upon experiencing a sudden event in a social situation. Bystanders seem to largely remain apathetic to someone in dire need of immediate help, even out in public when a large crowd is present. Research suggests a lone bystander seeing a person in physical need is far more […]

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Design Briefs – How to Balance Creative Freedom and Instruction

Odds are that when you hire a Melbourne graphic designer, you are doing so because you need the creativity and expertise he or she has to offer in the design field. It is likely that you may fall into one of two categories while working with your chosen designer: either giving rigid, highly detailed instructions […]

social media

The Most Important Content Online (If You Want Sales)

Let me cut to the chase right now, social proof is what people are looking for online when it comes to purchasing products or services. Customer reviews and testimonials are the number one incentive for potential clients to choose a business. Customers choose businesses that have happy customers and share their stories. What you say […]

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Optimise Your Website

One Monthly Retainer. Endless Benefits. How much money are you leaving on the table? The truth is all of us are leaving money on the table online. None of us attract 100% of our ideal clients to our websites through Search Engines. None of us convert 100% of our website visitors into leads or sales either. There’s always room […]

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The Power of Graphic Design in Marketing

Good graphic design is a highly efficient way of communicating a marketing message visually. It is not just an artwork, but something involving an immense deal of strategic thinking. This includes factors like colours, shapes, fonts, photographs and diagrams, which can all graphically communicate a marketing message. It is about text and graphics combining together […]