How to Establish Brand Values

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Establishing the values your company believes in is essential in building an authentic, trustworthy brand. Your values should reinforce the vision of the business. Good values create an enduring belief that will guide your decision making process in every part of your business that impacts on your brand. When consumers understand the values of your brand they will be influenced to interact with your business in a certain way. Writing the company values down is one thing, living by them is what makes the difference.

Staff should be encouraged to read and understand the company values, which will help guide their conduct and create consistency within the brand. Customers choose brands with values that relate to what they value. Consider these guidelines as to what your values should include:


Is your business unique in the eyes of your staff and consumers?


Does your business inspire employees and customers to interact with the brand in a certain way?


Does your business have the courage to stay true to its values?

Consumers buy brands with values that are similar to theirs. Employees like to work in companies that have values that are similar to their own value systems. Brainstorm your business values then refine them as much as possible so they are clear and direct. Three values are usually ideal; for some businesses it may be more. Too many values makes it hard for employees to remember and put into practice.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.


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