User Experience (UX) Hacks for Your Website Redesign

There is a smarter, more streamlined approach to improving your website!

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Hot off the press is our latest e-book, “Small Tweaks, Big Impact Websites” and we would like to offer you a free copy!

In this e-book, we review what large companies typically do when it comes to User Experience (UX) research. We’ll take a look at how small businesses and start-ups can produce similar results on a shoestring budget—and fast!

We anticipate most people will read through this e-book and choose specific aspects to implement on their business. And that’s completely fine. You’re the business owner, and you call the shots. This e-book isn’t a step-by-step formula that requires precise execution in order to produce results. Your specific circumstance will determine what to do now and what you can save for the next version of your website.

You need to know if your web team is focusing on the most important aspects of your website UX. By reading this e-book, you won’t be misled by a fast-talking agency executive. We’ll show you what aspects of your website you should focus on in the short-term and long-term. Whilst many areas of web design and development yield minimal improvements, collectively, they produce a far better outcome.

Finally, we will walk you through common UX research processes for website redesigns, including the role of each process and what it generally entails. I’ll also give you some hacks and shortcuts that are more suitable for small businesses and start-ups with limited budgets