The Most Important Content Online (If You Want Sales)

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Let me cut to the chase right now, social proof is what people are looking for online when it comes to purchasing products or services.

Customer reviews and testimonials are the number one incentive for potential clients to choose a business. Customers choose businesses that have happy customers and share their stories. What you say about yourself as a business doesn’t matter as much as what others say about you.

Your goal should be to create a customer experience in your business worth raving about. The small details are what matter. For example, excellent companies answer the phone politely and address your questions. When you make an appointment and arrive at the building you are greeted with a smile. During your meeting you are given their full attention. Sounds simple right! Ensuring you do these things well will help you get excellent testimonials and word-of-mouth.

Poor companies don’t answer their phone, so you leave a message. A few days later someone calls you back and asks why you called. You make an appointment. You arrive and find the office is a mess, you aren’t sure where to sit, or if you even want to. During the appointment the employee working with you accepts phone calls and text messages. Be honest with yourself, does this sound like your business in any way?

The bottom line is you need high quality testimonials and case studies online if you want to increase sales through your website. You will not get them if the customer experience is poor. Worse still, they could be saying damaging things about your business via social media. The truth is, customer experience is more important than ever before since the advent of the web and social media.

This is a blessing for great businesses and a curse to poor businesses.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.


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