When you are looking for the best graphic artist Melbourne has to offer, you will likely meet a wide variety of characters, each with his or her own style of working, personality, type, thought processes, likes and dislikes, and unique talent set. This variety is what makes graphic design such an exciting field. Every unique personality offers a different approach to the same project. It is from this variety that cutting edge trends and new ideas are born. Even though no two graphic designers are identical, there are some basic personality types into which the majority will fit. Here is a breakdown of the typical personalities of graphic designers, Looney Tunes style:

Henery Hawk (chickenhawk) – The perfectionist

Although small in stature, Henery is single-minded in his mission and never varies from his course. Graphic designers that fit this profile are neat, organized, and borderline obsessive about their workspace and their projects. They strive for perfection in all things, above all, in themselves.

Egghead – The genius

Egghead, the little chick with a big brain is a natural genius. Hungry for knowledge, he knows everything about everything. Designers of this type are masters of their trade and often have a staggering, in-depth knowledge of everything related to graphic design. They are usually familiar with even vague design concepts that most people have never heard of.

Bugs Bunny – The voice of experience

Bugs has seen it all, experienced it all, and can handle any situation. People who fit this profile are often the veterans of the graphic design world. They have the wisdom and experience that makes them an inspiration, and sometimes mentor, to new designers.

Speedy Gonzales – The quick

This little mouse moves so fast he is nearly invisible and designers with this personality type are little different. They zip through projects, never missing a deadline and often even finishing ahead of time. It is important, though, to not sacrifice quality to speed.

Porky Pig – The solid

Porky can weather even the worst of luck without a hitch. Graphic designers with this personality type are exceptionally forbearing and tolerant. They work through even the highest levels of pressure and strain without breaking a sweat and meet goals and deadlines with calm, self-assured ease.

Taz – The tense

Designers who fit this personality style are much like Taz in the fact that they are high-strung and hyper. They are also often intolerant of obstacles and can become angry easily.

Pepe le Pew – The friendly

Pepe is always happy, open, and looking to make new acquaintances. Designers of this type tend to be generous and love meeting new people and connections. They make extensive use of social media on a business and a professional level.

Marvin the Martian – The inventive

Marvin is a master of problem solving and inventiveness and so are designers of this personality type. They are clever, resourceful, and can create solutions at a moment’s notice.

Each of these graphic designer personality types has his or her own particular set of strengths and skills. Which type would you prefer working with and why? Which one do you think fits me?

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.