Bettina Deda

Bettina Deda


Bettina is a business writer, editor and author with 16 years of experience in public relations, helping business owners in the construction industry reinforce their brand with words that matter.

She specialises in architecture, interior design and construction, offering content strategy and management, including SEO website copy, educational editorials, newsletters, case studies, white papers, LinkedIn profiles, and business book editing.

She has been writing and editing for the lean construction industry (US/CAN) for five years, and manages the LeanIPD blog. Her work involves interviewing architects, engineers and lean consultants, crafting educational editorials and uploading them to the website. She also edited the book Construction Scrum.

In 2023, she was a staff writer for the ArchiPro Australia and New Zealand, creating SEO-optimised editorial content for the online magazine, Archizeen, including client interviews, crafting and approving the article and uploading it to the Content Management System for publication.

Taking Bettina on board, you will work with a creative, reliable and accurate copywriter with a keen eye for detail and experience in architecture, design and construction. She is a people person and born organiser with excellent project management, research and communication skills.

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