At Uplift 360, we stick to our lane. We focus on what we are good at and have a strong network of advisers we introduce to our clients when there is a good fit!

Our team of advisers have all committed to a complimentary initial consultation when introduced by Uplift 360, so please reach out if you’d like to speak with any of our team of advisers.

Peter Zafiris

Industrial Marketing Specialist

Meet Peter

Sarah Anderson


Meet Sarah

David Darrah

Videography & Photography

Meet David

Tim Jeffries

Business Systems Consultant

Meet Tim Jeffries

Laine Warwick


Meet Laine

Adam Posner

Customer Loyalty Specialist

Meet Adam

Steve Hubbard

Small Business Social Media

Meet Steve

Kylie Harker

CRM & Workflow Specialist

Meet Kylie

Scott Warren

Custom Software Development

Meet Scott

Bettina Deda


Meet Bettina

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