Steve Hubbard

Steve Hubbard

Small Business Social Media

Steve runs a ‘Do it for you’ social media marketing consultancy that seeks to work with like-minded business people who know what they’re really good at, are passionate about what they’re really good at and able to be financially successful as a result of what they’re really good at. After all, “there may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap!” (Bill Picket)

PASSION… Steve loves doing social media marketing ‘with and for’ motivated business owners seeking to protect, build and grow!

INTEGRITY… There is no ’smoke and mirrors’ with Steve. He educates ‘why and what’ we do, his team is fully transparent in our processes and don’t over promise.

INNOVATION… Steve is committed to training and development with continual improvement of our social media marketing (services as) products.

HAVE FUN & DO GOOD! Life’s too short not to enjoy! Steve is about having and bringing the fun to everyone he is in contact with. He also believes that business has the power to change lives for good!

COMMUNITY… Steve practices what he preaches and is social both online and off with his community networks that include: marketers; customers; enquirers; referrers; advocates; collaborative and impact partners.

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