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5 Tips for Your Construction Company Website

The Australian construction industry is currently experiencing a boom, despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. HIA chief economist, Tim Reardon said “This strong level of home building activity suggests that the current boom in residential construction will be sustained throughout 2022.”  While none of us know exactly what the future holds, we all know […]


The Power of Cross-Industry Research to Inspire Your Website

For many of us who launch our own small businesses, we start with what we know. We may have been in our industry for years and we pick up on what we deem to be best practice. We model our businesses on those ideas. We may identify something in our industry that we thought could […]

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Torquay Company Creating Waves by Claiming They Are Not a Brand

Remember the good old days when going to the beach for a swim or surf was considered healthy? It got me thinking about one of my last trips down to the Torquay beach back in January. Ever heard of a surf gear company in Torquay that claimed not to be a brand? I hadn’t either, […]

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The Value of Professional Logo Design

In some of our previous posts we have talked about the importance of developing a brand, even for a very small business. A part of brand development is the creation and design of the brand’s logo. WHAT’S IN A LOGO? A logo is a brand’s ‘mark’ or symbolic representation. It enables people to recognise a […]

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Have the Branding Gurus Got it Wrong?

It frustrates me when branding guru’s bang on about a logo not being a brand. It’s a foolish semantics game that complicates what should be made simple for clients, particularly small businesses and entrepreneurs. The term branding comes from the age-old practice of using a hot iron to mark livestock to identify ownership. The graphic […]

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The Personality Types Of Graphic Designers

When you are looking for the best graphic artist Melbourne has to offer, you will likely meet a wide variety of characters, each with his or her own style of working, personality, type, thought processes, likes and dislikes, and unique talent set. This variety is what makes graphic design such an exciting field. Every unique […]


How to Use Brand Features and Benefits

When building a brand, you should be aware of how the features of your product will benefit customers. Consider which brand features will matter most to prospects and customers. Remember, brand features drive decisions only when the benefits are clearly understood. It’s important to attract new customers without losing your established, faithful clients. You should […]


How to Establish Brand Values

Establishing the values your company believes in is essential in building an authentic, trustworthy brand. Your values should reinforce the vision of the business. Good values create an enduring belief that will guide your decision making process in every part of your business that impacts on your brand. When consumers understand the values of your […]