One of the best ways to get your brand to stand out among a sea of competitors online is by using SEO, or search engine optimisation. SEO can help build a foundation for your company’s long-term success—as long as you produce and distribute content, traffic will keep coming to your site. Here are some ways an SEO strategy helps your business grow.

An SEO strategy increases website traffic

Web traffic is the primary reason why marketers use SEO. Optimising for search engines like Google helps your website become visible to more people. Organic traffic pushes content higher than paid traffic since people are seeking you out instead of the other way around. When your website is the first result in search results pages, people tend to choose your site instead of others.

An SEO strategy builds your business’ credibility

Building your reputation takes time and effort, and SEO is the perfect tool to facilitate that. It can put your content in a position that builds your brand effectively over time. With strong SEO, you ensure an overall better user experience for those who visit your website, which pushes your content higher in results pages.

Positions one and two on SERPs take 28 per cent of all clicks in a search engine, which is why companies invest in SEO. When you optimise your content, you can simultaneously direct more traffic to your site while establishing yourself as a source of reliable information.

An SEO strategy allows you to work on User Experience (UX)

One of the most critical things in a website is UX. It places a strong emphasis on elements like site speed, mobile-friendliness, bounce rate, page views, and a user’s average time on a page. A person’s experience on your website directly impacts how long people stay on it. If they don’t enjoy being on your site, they will leave quickly. Google factors this into its evaluation of your site’s relevance. 

An SEO strategy engages local buyers

SEO is one of the most effective ways to boost website traffic and conversions from local buyers. When optimising your web properties for specific regions, you have to combine traditional and local SEO. Doing this helps you stand out if several businesses are offering your service in your area. 

An SEO strategy helps you stay agile

Google ranks websites with algorithms that take more than 150 individual factors into account, and the weight given to each are continually changing. Every time Google makes a significant update to its algorithm, it triggers changes to listing results. Staying up-to-date with SEO means covering possible changes to the algorithm.


A proper SEO strategy can generate traffic, build brand credibility and help you identify new opportunities to serve your customers. SEO helps to sustainably build businesses. Without it you are missing out on a stable, long-term strategy that is highly effective for many businesses.

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