Using the internet to improve your business’s performance is no longer optional; it’s now essential for most business’s. Since the global pandemic hit, we’ve seen an increase in businesses hiring digital agencies to develop new websites or improve and enhance what they already have. The trouble is, many are attracted to the glitz and glamour of a beautiful website design yet they contain no substance. Thin content is one of the many common mistakes many small business owners make.

Why your business needs website optimisation in the new normal

While a prominent position on main street may have been a powerful business strategy in the past, the first page of Google is the new main street. With the increase of online shopping in 2020, the importance of website optimisation is at an all-time high. There are numerous brands and businesses competing for the top spot in search engines, not just your local competitors.

It’s now normal for many people to utilise search engines, looking for solutions to their daily needs. Brands that position themselves to answer to these needs are well placed to attract the attention of the search engines, and therefore the traffic. It’s the reason why many businesses are using content marketing to get better exposure in search results.

If you want your site to be on the first page of Google, here are three website optimisation tips you should consider:

1. Get Google’s attention by publishing relevant content

Having a home page, about us, products and services, contact us and FAQ pages are normal for any website. These pages give the general information of what a typical user may want to know about your business. The problem is, these few pages won’t be enough to get to the top of search queries for most businesses. This is why you should invest in publishing content.

Publishing content pieces is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, for organic online users and search engine web crawlers. Doing so helps improve your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy and increases your pages’ ranking. Remember to post content relevant to your target market. This could include industry news or informational tips and advice.

2. Increase your online presence through link building

Quality links (or backlinks) from quality websites that are relevant to your business are a powerful way to earn some recognition in search engines. They can help strengthen your website and allow you to reinforce your credibility as a brand. Links from other websites to yours can also help web crawlers index all your web pages. Backlinks make it easy for online users to visit related information on what they’re reading. This can be in the form of additional references or citations.

Quality links are particularly important for stand-alone landing pages or one-page websites. They prevent your landing pages from being “orphan pages.” Stand-alone landing pages tend to rank very poorly since they are not part of a normal, multi-page website ecosystem. When considering link building, the goal is to build a fantastic website so you earn the backlinks. If you build a content rich website, you’ll attract great links in a natural way.

3. Invest in quality keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial first step for your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). All businesses have a target market and a product or service they want to sell to them. Through quality SEO, you can help Google’s AI identify your brand as a company that provides the right information to the appropriate demographic.

Target a broad range of keywords incorporating locations, products and services in all your content so the search engines can better understand the specific of what your website is about.


Whether your business is adapting to changes in the marketplace or starting out online for the first time, now is the time to make the most of what these opportunities provide small businesses. The internet is the great equaliser for small business owners since it allows them to compete with the big brands. Although search engines are there for anyone who wants to boost their marketing, it takes ongoing, incremental improvement for your website to flourish.

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