Out there in the Search Engine Optimisation world, there’s been a lot of talk about “RankBrain”. It’s putting dodgy, blackhat SEO companies into a tail-spin. It’s becoming evident that their deceptive strategies that are designed to trick Search Engines into ranking a website higher will be far less effective.

RankBrain is more powerful than previous algorithm changes we have seen in the past because it’s about Artificial Intelligence. It’s a sophisticated system that learns users intent and help to rank appropriate website in a more appropriate way. It is said that RankBrain is the third biggest signal Google pay attention to.

What does this change for us here at Omnific Design?

Nothing at all. We’ve always endorsed writing content for humans first and search engines second. We’ve said from the start, many online marketers would do better long term if they ignore “Keyword” and “SEO” strategies and wrote content that is informative, useful and interesting for your target market. RankBrain has us licking our lips because its going to mean Search Engines behave even more like your human website visitors do. Content Marketing is the way of the future for SEO – and we love it!

Have you been seduced?

Here’s why many businesses are seduced into SEO strategies that now put them at risk of losing their rankings.

Location, Location, Location…. Online

If bricks and mortar businesses can have prime locations, the same is true for online businesses. If the main street is the best location for an offline business, for online ventures it is the first page of the search results of search engines. It’s easy to understand really –  Businesses want to be on the first page of search engines so they generate the amount of traffic they think will propel their businesses forward. They want the results without investing the time and effort into earning the visitors from search engines. They think they can buy their way to the top of organic results.

Search engines were not made for the benefit of businesses. They were made to provide the best possible results for web-users conducting searches. Although it is free to gain a high ranking in search engines, it is not easy for competitive markets.

Although there have been a number of ways SEO “gurus” could get their customers high in search engine results, they are now coming un-stuck. There are “black hat” ways like keyword stuffing that could practically destroy your business online. While the “gurus” could generate more traffic to your website in years gone by, that’s all changing. Worse still, the search engines could completely black-list you, if they get the impression you are trying to cheat your way to the top.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process and these days its about creating high quality, informative content. If you are wanting high results for a particular keyword, guess what, your competitors are probably wanting the same. If you use your common SEO provider, you might gain a top ranking short-term however you could drop off fast depending on the strategies they use. You must keep your SEO efforts ethical and high quality at all times, so you can maintain your position over your competition. Instead of SEO in the traditional sense, think Content Marketing. It’s the way of the future!

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.