Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to be more successful with their marketing than others? No matter what business you are in, it’s likely there are millions of messages all competing for the attention of your target markets, yet only some messages produce the results companies set out to achieve.

No matter what kind of marketing strategies you are considering, there are always some companies that have more success with their marketing than others. There are some catalogue designs that seem to sell more products than others; certain flyer designs that are better at getting people to visit stores; email marketing campaigns that get responses while others don’t. How do successful companies do it? Is it chance, coincidence or luck? This blog aims to uncover some of these marketing mysteries.

Communication and information has come a long way in recent times. Just look at the Internet for example. Since it was developed it has spread globally and now connects people across the world. The potential of the Internet and other modern communication technologies in business have created a very different marketing landscape to that of recent history. Even with the millions of marketing strategies out there competing for attention, all the indicators suggest it is likely the volume of messages consumers are bombarded with will continue to grow. So what can you do to get noticed ahead of the competition, or increase your chances of creating a successful marketing campaign?

If you feel you can’t compete with the increase in marketing that your competitors are producing, we trust this blog will help you build your own foundation for successful marketing. Now, more than at any other time in history, businesses of any size can reach a growing marketplace in cost-effective ways. The key is to have a marketing and design strategy that will ensure you get the best results possible for your investment. As technology develops, so does the way that people use it. Even small businesses can afford to establish a presence in a global market that was once strictly reserved for the big guys. By designing marketing material that works, you may be able to increase your sales in your neighbourhood, as well as sell to someone on the other side of the world. That’s the good news. But the bad news is, your competitors can too, which means they may be on the other side of the world also.

Your marketing success depends less about reaching the masses, and more about how effective you are at attracting, convincing and persuading your target market. In the past, corporate material was focused on providing information to present your company in the best possible light. If we look at websites for example, they started out as static pages of text and pictures designed to look presentable. The speed and capabilities of the Internet were too slow and restrictive for designers to use their creative flair and technical understanding of design principles effectively. However, the Internet has evolved rapidly and so has marketing across the board. These days, in order for marketing material to be successful, a higher level of understanding in the area of graphic design and how it impacts on a target market is critical. This is called ‘psychographics’.

The art of persuasion plays a major role in the design and planning of any well thought out marketing material. This blog will not make you a graphic designer or equip you to design your own marketing material—you will still need the skills of a professional graphic designer for that. This blog specifically highlights important areas of design that you should consider when designing marketing material so you can work with your designer more effectively. This should ensure the best possible outcome for your business and give you a competitive advantage over others.

There are some aspects of graphic design that are intuitive. You don’t need to be told that including the word ‘FREE’ in big, bold red letters across a design will attract attention for a retail outlet. However, there are some intriguing aspects of graphic design that, when understood and used in your marketing material appropriately, should increase your sales exponentially.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.