Assessing a digital agency can be a daunting task particularly when you are starting a small business. After all, what is good or bad design and what are realist goals and objectives. Isn’t it all subjective? The answer in short is No. Good digital agencies successfully communicates the clients intended message and encourages the desired response from customers and prospects. Sadly, this is not always the case for many firms. Communicating the clients intended message should be the most important task, when delivering any new task or project.

Many agencies are focused on the artistic, creative process, after all this is probably what attracted them to the industry in the first place. This seems harmless enough at first but there are many dangers when business people start a working relationship with a new  firm who has this kind of mindset. Most business people are more concerned about results rather than artistic flair. This thinking is often in direct conflict with the agency and can result in projects that miss the mark. Don’t get me wrong, style and artistic flair is extremely important however there are far more important aspects when it comes to creating good outcome. It’s not often a business person approaches an agency because they want art for art sake. More often than not they will have branding or marketing objectives they wish to fulfil.

Business owners should select agencies the same way they make any other business decisions, based on how well they contribute to the objectives of the business.


  • having a long-term strategy for every aspect of your business is important
  • business decisions should be based on research and not guess work
  • the subconscious mind plays a huge part in your customer’s decision-making process
  • true creativity includes not just artistic but scientific understanding
  • getting your brand elements right is important to represent your business well

If your agency understands and values this way of thinking you should be able to pick it up based on the way they present themselves and what they communicate. They will often have a methodology to ensure they deliver with these business objectives in mind.

When interviewing agencies try to get a sense of their attitudes toward business. When you start directing the conversation towards some of these aspects of marketing and business in general you will get a clearer picture of how suited that particular agency will be for your business.

Making Your Website the ‘Mothership’

Looking for a digital agency is not a hard thing to do, just ‘Google it’ and you will find a whole range of companies you could use. It can be overwhelming for many small business operators who need to select one. The problem is selecting the best agency for your particular needs.

Finding the right agency is crucial for many businesses because their website is the single most productive way to market their products and services. You need to make sure the web service provider you are thinking of hiring has an excellent reputation and  track record. Getting the wrong web guys on the job often causes the budget to blow-out, the timing to be delayed and the brief not to be met.

Whether you are running a product or service related website, you will need a web marketing strategy if you want it to be an effective tool for your business. When searching for the best service provider in Melbourne, one of the first things you should look into are their rates especially if you are working with a tight budget. You should look for an affordable yet reputable service provider. You will find prices vary significantly for similar services. You do not need to compromise on quality for the price. The larger companies tend to have strong sales teams and in-depth proposals making them sound like they will provide far more that some of their smaller competitors when in fact this is not necessarily true.

Sometimes it may be wise to stretch your budget a little to make sure you get excellent service. Sometimes it may be better to spend less on the initial web design phase in order to have some of your budget left to market your site and get some Search Engine Optimisation done. Many businesses wish to start out small with their website and expand it over time as they grow. What is most important is you have a long-term strategy and setup what will be suitable over the long term.


To make sure your web design is completed on time, on brief and on budget you should have a rough plan ready when meeting with your web designer. You can then discuss your plans and what you want your website to produce for you and your web designer can make suggestions and recommendations based on this. The web is growing rapidly and so are its possibilities so your web designer may be able to recommend new, cutting edge techniques and technology you may not have yet considered.

The people handling your web design  should be professional and honest. Unfortunately there are still a lot of ‘smoke and mirror’ operators charging customers a small fortune for very basic services. If you want a professional looking website, then you must hire a professional service provider. Consider your website an investment. For some it’s their ‘shop front’ for others it’s their best sales person who never complains, never asks for a raise and works 24/7. Choosing a local web developer that can provide all your web service needs is what we have found small business people in Melbourne have been searching for. Omnific Design is a web design business based in Williamstown, Melbourne Australia. Contact us to today to discuss your website needs.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.