If you are ranking well and attracting great traffic to your website but the enquiries are not flowing, you might need to improve your website conversion rates. Many website owners spend time trying to attract more visitors, and fail to optimise conversions once they get there. This can be a huge mistake. In this blog post, we will discuss some questions you should ask yourself if you want to increase your website conversion rate and generate more revenue for your business!

Does Your Website Address Your Target Markets Needs?

Often websites use content to attract the attention of search engines more-so than engaging a target market. Increase the relevancy and usefulness of your site content. Visitors will not hang around on a website if it does not give them what they want, when they want it. People are searching for answers that address their problems and they want those answers fast.

How Compelling is the Copy on Your Website?

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of a website. Copy which is compelling and interesting will keep your target market on your site. If you use uninteresting copy, you may lose conversions simply because people do not want to read it!

How Well is Your Website Designed?

A website’s design will play a huge role in how many visitors convert into customers. If it is difficult to understand or the layout is confusing, people are likely to leave your website without taking any action. Use an attractive and easy-to-navigate website design to ensure your visitors quickly grasp your message.

Is Your Website Easy to Navigate?

If you want customers to buy your product or service, you need to make it easy for them! Broken links, out-dated information and a confusing website layout will only frustrate visitors and push them back to the search engines where they’ll find your competitors.

Are You Using Compelling Call-To-Actions?

What is it that you want your target market to do next when they visit your website? A strong call-to-action will encourage your visitors to take the next step. For most companies, the end goal is to attract more clients and customers. For many businesses it’s going to take a few small steps to get them to that point.

Have You Tested Your Assumptions?

Use tools such as heat-maps to find out where users are focusing their attention on your page, this way you can make sure that those areas are engaging. If you notice that users are not engaging with a specific element on your page, you can remove it or change it until they do.

Are You Tracking Your Website Results?

We work mostly with service-based businesses and for these clients, the best type of leads tend to come through a phone call. It’s helpful to track new leads when they make contact so you can understand what marketing channels are performing well for your business. There are sophisticated systems to help track all of this and prepare compelling reports. Some of our smaller clients simply ask new leads how they found out about the company and make note of it for the sales team to follow up.

What Are Your Leads Worth?

Many businesses don’t realise how much their leads are worth to them.  A lead can cost you anything from a few cents to hundreds of dollars depending on the industry you’re in and how you market your business. The higher your customer lifetime value, typically the more expensive each individual lead is so you will want to treat them like gold.

Where Should You Start?

When it comes to websites, there’s always room for improvement. For many businesses, the most pressing issue is a lack of traffic to their website. Certainly, this is an issue that should be worked on however it’s still worth optimising your website conversion rates. The challenge with this is, you may not have enough data to make any meaningful decisions.

You need healthy amounts of targeted traffic to your website and you need a great website to convert enough of that traffic into leads and sales. Good SEO will bring you the traffic, compelling copy and design will convert that traffic and increase your website’s conversion rate. Contact us to see how we can help!