Good graphic design is a highly efficient way of communicating a marketing message visually. It is not just an artwork, but something involving an immense deal of strategic thinking. This includes factors like colours, shapes, fonts, photographs and diagrams, which can all graphically communicate a marketing message. It is about text and graphics combining together to communicate a consistent, powerful message.

Most marketing methods used today requires some form of graphic design whether it is websites, print media, digital media, animation and product design, among others. Coming up with a compelling graphic design style, which can be used throughout all your marketing is the goal. It is worth investing in and getting it done right first time.

The first place to start is getting your logo designed. This is the one thing to be used on all your marketing material so getting this wrong could be costly to your business.

You need to find yourself an excellent graphic design firm, which can work with you across all your marketing needs. We, of course, hope that it is Omnific Design. We are a Melbourne Graphic Design firm that works for companies anywhere in the world, but enough about us, back to the article.

A common misconception is that graphic design firms just provide the images or graphics for a project. This is not true. The typography and typesetting of a project are hugely vital details of graphic design. Good graphic design firms understand the science behind type and how to make it more legible and easy to read. There are quite a few rules graphic designers are studying comprehensibly, which the average computer user would not be aware of. The reason behind using a graphic designer for your type layout is the proper dissemination of information, which is the goal of marketing.

Graphic design has been used for centuries now. However, the new technological age has taken it to the next level. What once could take days can now be done in hours with the few clicks of a button. With the presence of software used in graphic designing like Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Shop, Corel Graphic Suite, Adobe InDesign and Quark, the temptation to do it yourself is strong. This is even when you do not have the professional design skills to show off your business in the best light possible.

When many businesses make use of a high-end graphic designer, they get a much better response from their target audience. In a talk I had with a client in our Williamstown design studio yesterday, I learned about the dramatic increase in the response he received through having his project typeset professionally with a few simple graphics. Even the most complicated concepts where graphics have been combined with text can help clarify a point and reinforce a message.

This content was originally published on Omnific Design before we rebranded as Uplift 360.